I sincerley appreciate that amazing healing you did with lots of things shifting. The things you said really resonated with me for lots of reasons. The work you did led to some powerful shifts for me over the following few days and I cannot say how grateful I am to you. Thank you so much. Sending you much love and light – bless you Zoie.

Gabriella Grace | The Chakra Garden

I was really struggling with juggling work and home-life balance, and was referred to Zoie by a friend. I feel as though I tend to get caught up in things and neglect to take care of myself but since seeing Zoie, I’ve been able to put myself first. This is a massive change for me. Each time I see Zoie, I come away with such a sense of positivity and purpose. I will definitely be seeing her for the long haul.  

*Still working for this company, so would like to remain anonymous*

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 I was referred to Zoie by a friend. I already knew about Kinesiology and was really keen to give it a try.

I saw Zoie as I was feeling quite stuck in my job and was experiencing a great deal of stress from it.

Through muscle test, Zoie asked me some very targeted questions which showed me a much bigger picture of my issue. We had to go through a few layers including the fear of change and failure. I’m still unsure how it all works but she was definitely spot on in many aspects.

Zoie is very caring and compassionate. I think what made the difference is that i felt completely at ease to open up with Zoie. I felt supported in sharing my deepest fear and be vulnerable which is something I have always struggled with.

I’m definitely less stressed and experience more ease and joy since I saw her. I also realised that my passion was elsewhere and that I was deserving to pursue it and I’m currently changing job. Zoie is still helping me with any beliefs or doubt that are coming along the way and has been a very valuable support to me.

I would highly recommend Zoie for any life changing situation or simply if you need a boost of self-confidence or energy.

*Would like to remain anonymous so she can remain on good terms with previous company*

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