You’re attracting clients, both ideal and non-ideal, and you’re mostly attracting these by either referral or by giving value on other’s posts, rather than directly though offer posts. And you’re feeling like you don’t know exactly how to get your ideal clients.

Attracting the wrong clients is making you feel unmotivated and you procrastinate, and you feel the quality of work you provide for them shows this.

It’s a challenge to articulate your message in a simple and concise way, it feels hard and laboured and you’re worried about saying the wrong things.

Productivity is down, because messaging takes too long, with too much thought process and second guessing yourself.

Unpredictable and inconsistent income can make you feel desparate. 


I currently have 6 spots available for my 1:1 10 week signature package, which is designed to help you attract an abundance of ideal clients so you can not only have a sustainable business with consistent and predictable income, but have you working with your ideal clients that energise you and have you feeling fulfilled and validated.


What it is, is a 10 week package consisting of weekly sessions where I find and defuse blocks stopping you from confidently and quickly writing messaging with flow and ease. Messaging that’s authentic to you. Conveying your personality and attracting ideal clients through your actual offers.

You have a dream of helping many, so they can help many, and witnessing and feeling the flow on effect from this. I have a dream of helping you achieve this, and this is what my package is designed to do.


Included in the package:

  • 10 weekly Kinesiology sessions
  • 3 Bush Flower Essences specific to helping you on this journey.
  • Facebook messenger/email support throughout the 10 weeks.
  • A detailed description of your Ba Gua Constitution (the Taoist Numerology I use in session), giving you an insight into your patterns and motivators in life.


Prices start at $1900 for an upfront payment for the first 2 ladies and payment plans are available starting at $375 per month.


If you are ready to attract enough clients to create a financially sustainable business, overcome procrastination, get motivated and stop feeling as though it’s a challenge to articulate your message in a clear and concise way (so you can attract those IDEAL clients) – this is for you.


To claim your spot or ask any questions: